debug-commons currently consists of the following components:


For tools, like IDEs and Editors, following components are provided:


Is a wrapper based on top of ruby-debug-base using add-hoc XML/pure-text protocol for communication with its clients (usually debugger frontend like IDE or editors). More about the protocol might be found in evolving ruby-debug-ide protocol specification.


Is a communication library handy for in-Java written clients which intermediate communication between ruby-debug-ide and a frontend.


Is the same what ruby-debug-ide is but wraps classic debug.rb library. This component is deprecated since it is very slow and these days ruby-debug-base is stable and implementation for alternative Ruby interpreters/VMs are already here or coming. Particular one for JRuby is developed as part of this project see (below) and one for Rubinius is being under active development as well (see here).


This project was founded because there doesn't seem to be a general open source solution in the Ruby world for debugger-frontend implementers. The aim is to provide such a solution for anyone who wants to start (or is already working) on a debugger frontend (standalone GUI debugger, an IDE or editor plugin, remote CLI-based one, ...). Hopefully, in the future, we will have something similar as e.g. Java has with its JPDA.

There are some consideration to be done like supporting a Common Debugger Protocol. Feel free to join contact us on project forums for a discussion about current and feature plans.


Tools were originally developed by Markus Barchfeld as part of Ruby Development Tools. Later Martin Krauskopf, implementing NetBeans debugger module, wrote to RDT people about possible cooperation on the backend they had, which went to genesis of this projects.

Frontend clients



(Current state if this stales)

Everyone is very welcome to join.

JRuby Fast Debugger

Native, in-Java written extension, providing fast debugger for JRuby. It is the same as ruby-debug-base native C extension for MRI.


(j)ruby-debug-base is available as a Ruby gem. Unfortunately it is still not installable remotely. But installation is easy enough:

See Install section in the README document for how to install the Fast JRuby debugger.



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